Hello, I am Louie.  I am a heathen.  There is no cure. 

My name is Hermie.  I am also a heathen.  But I am special, I have thumbs!
My name is Robin.  I've finally received my certification in heathen.  I'm  FULL FLEDGED HEATHEN!!!!

My name is Hoover.  I have lived here 7 weeks now.  It is good.  Lots of food and love. 

Hello, my name is Dyson.  Also known as Dyson Dammit Get Out of There NOW. It is good here.  I get to eat cat poop!!!! WHOOPS, that is where the DAMMIT GET OUT OF THERE NOW comes from...

Hello, Cinco here.  I am number 5 of the kitties.  I am the BABY!!!!  I just got here and do not know what I am supposed to do.  I hear 'heathen' but I don't know what that is....so I will be baby.